Creative childhood: 5 tips on how to bring the joy of creation into your everyday life!

By |2019. October 4.|Categories: Parenting|

Children love making things and that is for a good reason! While they have fun, they also develop their expression skills, self-confidence, motor and problem-solving skills as well as their imagination – it is hard to list all the positive benefits of creation. However, due to lack of time, as parents we often do not have as many opportunities as we would like to do something [...]

Playing in the car: 6 ways to stave off boredom that require no accessories

By |2019. October 2.|Categories: Parenting|

It makes no difference whether this is the first longer car journey with your child or whether you have been through it before, it is always a great challenge to occupy them during the journey, particularly as it does no harm to keep your eyes on the road. Do not worry, as children get older, it becomes easier for them to handle longer car journeys to [...]

7 interesting things to know about speech

By |2019. September 8.|Categories: Parenting|

Children can learn new words at an incredible pace. The most important predictor of vocabulary development is the number of words heard by the children. Those include words that are uttered during a conversation, while playing or reading a book, etc. Here are 7 interesting things to know about speech development: Even babies talk Far before they become capable of saying their first words, they are [...]

EQ or IQ? – Emotionally intelligent children are more successful in life

By |2019. August 24.|Categories: Parenting|

Although IQ tests are widely used when measuring intelligence, emotional intelligence serves far better when it comes to predicting how successful we’ll be at school or subsequently, at our workplace. A barely six year-old child gives a toy car to his special needs peer after noticing that no one wanted to sit next to them on the bus the day before. This gesture is indicative of [...]

6 tips on developing stronger sibling bonds between our children

By |2019. August 16.|Categories: Parenting|

The majority of children have at least one sibling. The sibling bond most likely lasts longer than any other relationship in life and, in fact, the sibling ties developed in childhood define our relationship to ourselves and other people. Therefore, as a parent, how we support the development of a strong sibling bond is not without relevance.  Today, a great deal of research is being conducted [...]

6 ways to alleviate your child’s everyday anxiety

By |2019. August 3.|Categories: Parenting|

“My daughter is still dealing with separation anxiety even though she’s over 5 years old. She always has to know where I am.” “Bedtime is stressful every evening.” “My son has been angry for the past 6 months, yet will not tell me why.” Do these sound familiar? Children can experience many types of anxiety, though they do not necessarily know how to deal with them [...]